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Please read these Terms of use (also referred to herein as “user’s agreement) carefully before registering on the site or making use of the site in whatever form, including but not limited to browsing the website, registering, creating events, selling tickets, buying tickets, sharing photos, videos, audio or text, distributing or broadcasting contents through or on Redballer, building friendship or creating engagements of any form on Redballer also referred to herein as the “company” which is fully owned and operated by brandstudio media or using services offered on (“Redballer” also referred to herein as the “platform” or the “site”). This Agreement sets forth legal binding terms and conditions for using the platform to distribute and monetize events or creating engagements for your brand or personal relationship and your use of the site and all its subdomains including but not limited to other sites owned, affiliates, mobile apps, third party applications and software that redirects to redballer.com and all subdomains (collectively, referred to herein as the “Site”), your upload or sharing of contents, use, broadcast, sales of event tickets or any kind of content or material (“Content”) made available by you, through your account or through your use of the site owned and operated by brandstudio media and all services offered on the site. By using the site in any manner, including, but not limited to, uploading of images, text, photos, audio, video contents, live broadcast of visual/audio contents, images, text, visiting or browsing the Site or contributing any other content, information, or other materials or services to the Site, you agree to be bound by this Agreement.


Redballer is a social events community that provides fun and convenience for users all over the world to create events, source for event needs, plan event, promote, manage, sell tickets to their events or send out free invitations from the comfort of their homes and offices. 


Redballer’s websites and domains, including www.redballer.com, and all of it’s webpages, subdomains, country level domain variants and subparts of those websites (collectively, referred to as our “Site”), all applied rights and pending rights when acquired, all of the services available on or through the Site or otherwise provided by us, and all of our mobile applications that are offered, maintained and provided by redballer. We refer to all of these as our “Services”.

1.3 USERS.

Redballer provides a simple, convenient and quick means for registered users to create events, sell and buy tickets, source for event needs, network and share moments, we refer to ticket buyers, event Organizers, influencers, followers, friends, account holders, all registered individuals or entities and other visitors and browsers of the site collectively as “Users” or “you.”


Our goal is to promote a fun community that respects each other’s right, and to ensure this we developed and operate a culture that projects FUN, CONVINIENCE, TRUST, HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP and QUALITY DELIVERY as core value for all interactions on redballer.

We believe that in order to build a community that is anchored on FUN, CONVINENCE, TRUST, HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP and QUALITY DELIVERY such that guarantees the safety of all users some basic rules must be created and respected by all and sundry. Some of these rules have been outlined below. We also implore you to read through the site’s terms of service as it is incorporated by reference to these terms of use.


All services provided on redballer, the website’s design, brand colour, logo design, domain name, sub domains, inventions, trade secrets, right to database, trade name(s), software, patents, granted and pending registrations (when acquired) are solely the property of brandstudio media (the parent company). Rights to apply for or register for any other kind of permission(s), licenses and any kind of consent that will accord us right to ensure an effective distribution, marketing and a healthy interaction between users within and through the redballer community from any part of the world.

You have right as a user to create events, sell tickets, build friendship with or follow influential accounts of people, brands or organizations you love, build a team for your events, connect or invite people you meet at social events, share moments, update status, upload and share photos, audios and videos with your friends and followers but you are not allowed to store, copy, sell or reproduce contents on the website. You hereby agree that your right to view contents or access to redballer can be revoked if you are found guilty of breaking these terms of use or for any other purpose that contravenes this agreement with or without prior notice and without benefits, refunds or compensations.

The  use of hardware devices, software, electronic, digital and any other means to transfer, transmit, retransmit, upload unauthorized video, music, images, unpermitted download, duplicate, remove, capture, reproduce, alter, advertise, interfere with operation, circumvent  any of our intellectual properties or any of the access control measure associated with contents on the site including all forms of geo-filtering mechanisms, recreating an index of any portion of contents on the site, text, layout, interface, video, still pictures, audio, music, soundtrack, montage, graphics, wallpaper, desktop themes and all materials found on redballer either for monetary purpose or charity is prohibited.

You can share contents from redballer on other social network sites or blogs or use third party websites as approved or integrated by redballer but you are prohibited from connecting a third party website to redballer or to our subdomains without our approval either by way of hyperlink, forging headers or manipulating identifiers in order to disguise the origin of a user or content transmitted on or through the site.


3.1 Redballer as a company is not responsible for all event creation, promotions, management or ticket sells, it’s only a social platform through which independent event organizers and their promoters create, promote, manage and sell tickets to their events. when you buy tickets on redballer you are buying directly from them and you are bound by their terms and conditions including refund and exchange policies. The event organizers control the inventory, determines the price of ticket, venue, capacity, number of tickets available for sell, colours, seating arrangement, parking arrangement, transportation, event starting and ending time, food options, accommodation, content of event and every other thing that relates to the event.

We do not interfere with or determine how, why or where the event will be held, its organization and administrations (including events owned or operated by our sister companies, country and regional offices, staffs and their families).

The business of organizing, planning and executing of events is solely that of the event organizer and its leaders/team and all arrangement is wholly at their discretion.

3.2 Events on redballer are created and owned by independent organizers who claim to own rights to such events creation and sells of tickets on and through  the site, these events are not properties of brandstudio media or Redballer neither do brandstudio media or Redballer endorse or manage such event and as such will not be responsible for infringements or omissions on their part, however we will constantly apply strict measures at all time to ensure that event creators abide strictly by rules governing intellectual properties and rights of users and will not sell, create, market or monetize any event or use videos or any other form of marketing tool to sell event they don’t own rights to or duly acquire all necessary rights, permissions or consent before making such event available on Redballer.

3.3 We do not guarantee that all users will abide by copyright laws; we welcome any claim of omission(s) or error(s) or copyright infringement found on the site. If you are sure and can prove beyond doubt that you have right to a particular event theme or title, or that some events infringes upon your right or that in some ways we infringed upon your right through the service(s) we rendered, we will love to hear from you please contact us through the contact form on the site or send a direct mail to support@redballer.com  with the following information.

  1. Identify the copyright content(s) or right(s) that was infringed upon.
  2. Provide evidence of ownership of the infringed copyright content.
  3. In the case of an agent acting on behalf of the owner an authorization letter duly signed either physically or electronically by the owner of the right infringed upon will be required.
  4. A statement that throws sufficient light on your claim of infringement will also be required.
  5. Provide us with sufficient and reliable information through which we can reach you e.g your redballer userid, name, email, contact and phone number.

You can only reach our rights and privileges protection team if you believe that your rights have been infringed upon either as a user or copyright owner of content on this site. Please only real issues that contravenes your rights either as a copyright owner or user will be responded to.



redballer hereby grants you a personal, non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sub-licensable (except in cases permitted within the community), revocable, limited right to access and use the Services solely for the purposes of

(a) browsing the site, creating account, networking, sharing, creating engagements, searching, viewing, creating events, selling or purchasing tickets and other things that your account is legitimately designed to do on the site

(b) if you are an independent event Organizer, creating events, adding your leaders/team, managing your events through your account or leaders/team, sharing your events on or through the site with respect to boosting engagement for your events within and outside redballer community, promoting, managing, marketing, tracking, and collecting sales proceeds for your tickets, in each case you must comply with these Terms of Use, the Terms of Service and trade agreement and you must comply to the extent permitted under all applicable local, state, provincial, national and other laws, rules and regulations within your jurisdiction. Notwithstanding the foregoing, you shall not permit anyone else to, directly or indirectly copy, modify, reproduce, translate, localize port or otherwise create derivatives of any part of the Services, reverse engineering, disassemble, decompile or otherwise attempt to discover the source code or structure, sequence and organization of all or any part of the Services, rent, lease, resell, distribute, re-distribute, use the Services for timesharing, service bureau or other commercial purposes not contemplated by this paragraph or otherwise exploit the Services in any unauthorized or unintended manner, remove or alter any proprietary notices or labels on or in the Services; or engage in any activity that interferes with or disrupts the Services. Any rights not expressly granted in this paragraph are reserved.

4.2 Marketplace and Network feature

(a). The Marketplace

The marketplace was designed to enable users of the site to buy or hire items they need for their events from friends, it is however pertinent for users of this feature to ensure the following.

  • Don’t sell or put up for hire items you don’t have rights to or have in store.

(2) Don’t send money before you receive the item(s) we do not receive money or authenticate item(s) uploaded in the marketplace and will not be able to protect you.

(3) Buy or hire from people you know or trust only.

(4) protect each other’s rights at all time.

Redballer will not be held responsible for transactions carried out through the marketplace on the site as we do not have any involvement with any and all transactions carried out through the marketplace.


(b) The Network

The Network was created for two (2) major purposes,

(1) When a vendor creates an account on the site with the aim of providing services to event creators such vendor is expected to join a network that duly aligns with his/her line of service, meet and network with other vendors in the same line of service, learn from each other’s experience and share job opportunities with each other.

(2) To enable easy access to independent event vendors on the site, when a user desires to create an event but need a vendor’s professional services to make the event successful, he or she will need to send information about a job offer to the desired network and ask for applications to be sent to his or her direct/private message with links to previous jobs and customer’s reviews this way he or she can make an informed decision on the best vendor for the event.

Redballer did not vet any of the vendors prior to joining the network and cannot vouch for any, its important that you use your discretion in making the right decision, redballer will not be responsible for any misdealing on the part of any of the vendors on the site and will not be held accountable.

By using the service you agree to this term.



Redballer do not own all events listed on the service, each event is 100% organized and administered by the creators. Redballer only provides a platform and tools through which independent event organizers list and promote their events, when you buy tickets to an event on redballer you are buying directly from the event owner, payment made by you goes directly into the seller’s escrow account and these accounts are held in trust and protected by redballer.

the escrow account holds the fund in trust until after 3 days, starting from the date of delivery e.g a day after event date. Payment will only be ready for release to the Event Organizer if after the 3 days grace there was no complaint of fraud, event did not hold or was cancelled or any other issue that attendee is not happy with, if a complaint was received within the 3 days’ time frame the escrow account will hold on to the fund until the issue is resolved.

Complaints should be sent to the seller and a copy of the complaint should be sent to redballer, here is how to copy to redballer, click on the event owner’s profile, click on report, select type and post a copy of the complaint inside the box provided, this way you notify us of development and stop release of escrow until issues are resolved, we usually don’t meddle into issues between event owners and attendees, we only monitor developments but if we suspect that the issue is getting out of hands or issue has been unresolved for a time longer than expected then we may be forced to involve our team.

Failure to file a complaint after delivery of service will be assumed to mean a happy customer and a happy transaction then payment will be made available and ready for release and will be released immediately the seller requests for payment.

It is the sole obligation of the event organizer to ensure that any event listed on the site and the nature and conduct of the underlying event meet all applicable local, state, provincial, national and other laws, rules and regulations within the jurisdiction that the event will be hosted or was hosted. It is the responsibility of each event organizer to ensure that promises made are fulfilled. It is also the obligation of event organizer to ensure that their event attendees’ data in their care are protected and respected and only used in line with redballer’s privacy policies or in offering quality service delivery to individuals. These data are partially made available to you so you can provide a one on one customer service so as to foster a great customer experience at all time. You are not allowed to sell, transfer, send unsolicited mails or monetize the data in anyway.


As an event Organizer, you will have to select the preferred currency for sales of your event ticket during creation, your event Attendees will see the price of your tickets in your preferred currency and you will be paid revenues generated from sales of your event tickets in the currency that you selected during event setup stage. All payment processors on redballer are third party processors, we do not process payment for your events neither do we have access to payment details used in processing payment. the event organizer and redballer only have access to check out details so as to ensure delivery of service after payment.


Creating an account on Redballer is 100% free, creating event is 100% free, we only charge booking ticket fees for services rendered for paid events and premium services rendered to professional plan event creators, We support charity and fundraising events too. For charity or fundraising events please create event using the professional package we may ask few questions and if you are qualified you will get a special waiver on our fees.

We have two types of fees on Redballer

  • Redballer service fees and
  • Payment processing fees



Redballer service fees and payment processing fees are two different fees.

  • Redballer service fees are fees charged for services rendered by Redballer to you on or through the service, these includes but not limited to providing tools and features on the service through which your event was monetized, managed, shared, promoted, etc. within and outside the Redballer community. It also covers fees for the maintenance of your escrow account which holds your funds in trust and ensure that payment was received on your behalf, so while you handle other things the escrow account collects money on your behalf and keep your money safe and ready for collection, redballer has the lowest fees with great options that will suit your budget perfectly. Our fees vary from plan to plan and tickets can be charged in different local currencies. What you see is what we charge no hidden charges. No monthly fees, no recurring billing, no surprise billing, redballer service fees are by default paid by the event organizers.


  • Payment processing fees are fees charged by payment processors (not Redballer) for processing each transaction, these payment processors make it possible for your event attendees to make payment through the site and for you to receive payment for tickets sold on the site. They charge fees for processing payments for your events (these fees are paid by event attendees and not the event organizer) and they also charge a very small token for transferring your earnings to your bank account (payable by the receiver).


 Redballer and the payment processors are two different entities but work as a team in making your events a success.


(The pay-at-venue option will be added soon)

We charge fees for services rendered even if your attendees choose the pay-at-event option.

  • When a user buys ticket(s) to your event and chooses the pay-at-venue option then checks out. We automatically register every checkout as a successful transaction and our service fully delivered, the value of each transaction as stipulated in your choice of currency is the service charge for service rendered and since we were not paid our service charge as at the time of purchase, we will automatically deduct our service charge from your escrow account before releasing your earnings, in as much as we were not paid during checkout, you will be required to pay our service fees.
  • in case of insufficient money in your escrow account to cover our fees we will send invoice of our service fees on the first day of a new month for all orders placed prior to the new month to the event creator, you will then be required to pay the invoice before 30 days of the date of receipt, if no payment was made after 30 days of invoice we will consider this as a consent to deduct our service fees from earnings from any other event created by you. We will only deduct redballer service fees and nothing more.
  • If after 60days, the issued invoice is still unpaid and there is no fund in the escrow account to deduct the sum from or the outstanding balance in the escrow account is insufficient to cover our full fee, a 2% interest of the total sum value will be added to the invoice monthly, interest will be calculated from the date due until paid in full, that is from the 30 days after the invoice was received.
  • If after 180 days of receipt of invoice the invoice is still unpaid, we may at our discretion suspend or ban your account for unprofessional conduct, the suspension/ban may be lifted after the event organizer must have paid the outstanding debt with a 2% interest monthly rate and a penalty fee of $100 or its equivalent.
  • our definition of monthly charges is 30 days after receipt of invoice, a day after the 30 days will be calculated as another full month for instance if an event organizer fails to pay within the first 30days of receipt of invoice the next day being the 31st day or the day after the 30days shall be considered as the second month and the event organizer shall be required to pay another 2% interest of the sum value fully for the second month.
  • You will not be charged an interest rate until after the first 30days of unpaid receipt.
  • You are not required to pay payment processing fees. You will never be charged for that since no service was provided by the payment processors, we will only invoice you our (Redballer) service fees in line with stipulated fees in the country currency you selected while creating event.
  • Pay-at-event option is a choice and not a mandatory feature; you can choose not to allow the pay-at-event option when setting up your event and still sell all your tickets conveniently before the event day.



By using this service, you agree to these terms and fully authorize Redballer to automatically deduct its service fees from your earnings as at when due with or without prior notification and also agree that Redballer can close down, ban or suspend you wholly or from creating events on its service if you fail to pay its service fees.



6.1 Redballer has only two fee options on the service

  • Redballer service fees for organizing events

Event organizers pay redballer services fees by default, in as much as we want the best for the organizers, we also want same for their event attendees, making tickets on this platform affordable is a win-win for everyone, we don’t want to make tickets on the site expensive for your event attendees by making them pay all fees associated with the event, that may discourage them, we will always charge a token so as to make payment of our fees easy and affordable for event organizers,

  • Payment processing fees for event attendees

Event attendees pay payment processing fees associated with buying of tickets to their event, these fees are not charged by redballer, our payment processors makes it easy for the attendees to buy tickets from the comfort of their homes and offices, saves them money, time and stress that could be experienced at the point of offline sales.



The redballer service fees posted on the event creation page is the only fee redballer charge event Organizers for services rendered on the site, which includes but not limited to tools made available for setting up the event, monetization, promotions and management. The fees only apply to paid events (ticket booking fees); we also charge additional fees for premium services offered through the professional plan, the total fees payable for premium services may vary from event to event and currency to currency. however redballer’s country or regional offices may provide additional services to event organizers within its region or country for example they may be recruited to provide customized services like attendee’s list/ticket management at the event’s venue, online event management, staff support before and during the event, etc. these services are offered by our country and regional offices to help event organizers make the best of their events and not by redballer as a platform. All agreement reached between our country or regional offices for additional services are reached between the country or regional office and the event organizer and not with redballer as a platform and as such fees payable for services rendered on the platform doesn’t cover cost of additional services provided by the country or regional offices.




Aside from redballer service fees and payment processing fees, event Organizers ultimately decides the cost of event ticket and any other fees associated with the event for example they solely decide if there is a car parking fee at the event, if any extra fees will be paid at the event or if certain purchases will be made, these fees may be passed on to Attendees, shared between attendees and organizer or paid in full by the Organizer, we do not control this fees, event organizers may also include certain charges while creating tickets, this may include but not limited to facility fees, royalties, taxes, accommodation fees, monthly or annual fees, transportation fees, processing fees and any other fees. These fees are solely charged by the event organizers and not by redballer and it is fully remitted to the organizer, the redballer service fees you see while creating event in your choice of plan or in the case of personalized services provided through the professional plan, a service charge invoiced by the support team is all we charge for the service provided, nothing more. Therefore, fees payable by Attendees for an event may not necessarily be the same as those charged by redballer to the applicable Organizer neither is it the standard fees described on the Service to the Organizers.




Redballer does not control (and thus cannot disclose) fees levied by your bank, credit/debit card company or payment processors on the service, including fees on transactions in foreign currencies or from foreign persons, cost of receiving payment to your bank, any and all cost associated with the sales or purchase of tickets. The event attendees’ pays payment processing fees associated with purchase of tickets but the event organizer will be responsible for cost of transfer of earnings or revenues generated from sells of ticket to the bank account of the event organizer. These fees are either charged by payment processor or your bank in certain jurisdictions, be sure to check with your bank, Credit/debit Card Company or payment processor’s fees or transfer fees prior to creating events or buying tickets to understand all applicable fees, credit/debit card surcharges and currency conversion rates. We only charge fees for services rendered on redballer, nothing more.


all transaction and purchases are between the event organizer and their respective attendees and since Terms and condition governing each event is determined by the respective event organizer including refund and exchange policies we will kindly request that all refund requests be sent directly to the event organizer each request sent must be copied to us so we can stay informed on development regarding the transaction. We will only interfere if the buyer fails to reach a mutual agreement with the seller or the issue took longer time than expected.

Event organizers agrees as part of terms of use of this site to provide and maintain a refund policy that will protect buyers in situations where they fail to fulfill their part of the bargain, the refund policies created by each event organizer will govern each event as long as the policies created is in line with redballer’s refund policy guide.

In the event that an event Organizer fails to respond to a refund request within two (2) business days or there is a dispute between an event Organizer and an Attendee that cannot be resolved amicably between the two (2) parties or taking too long to resolve, either party may contact redballer with full details of the dispute. redballer may, in its discretion, attempt to mediate and settle such dispute, however, redballer will have no liability for

 (a) An Organizer’s failure to give refunds;

(b) Redballer’s failure to mediate and settle a dispute amicably; or

(c) Redballer’s final decision or judgement on the dispute.

  1. EMAIL.

5.1 Email Tools.

Redballer provides an email tool to all users on the site this feature allows you to invite friends, send event tickets and invoice via email, contact other users of the site or third parties via email (the “Email Tools”). In the event that you use these Email Tools, you represent, warrant and agree that:

(a) you have right to send emails to the addresses on your recipient list as long as those addresses were gathered with the consent of the owner in any jurisdiction where that is required by applicable local, state, provincial, national or other law, rule or regulation, and your emailing of such addresses complies with the privacy policy under which the recipient emails were gathered and which was disclosed to recipients at the time of gathering;

(b) your use of the Email Tools is in compliance with all applicable local, state, provincial, national and other laws, rules and regulations, including those relating to spam and email;

(c) your use of the Email Tools will be solely to send tickets/invoice, promote and/or manage an event that you have listed on the site, invite your friend or seek for their advice on an event or content that you are interested in (not without their permission);

(d) your use of the Email Tools and the content of your emails complies with redballer’s Terms of Use and privacy policy;

(e) you will not use false or misleading headers or deceptive subject lines in emails sent using the Email Tools;

(f)  for advertorials you must identify the email message as an advertisement or commercial in nature;

(g) you will not email any person that you are aware have opted out of receiving emails from you.


If you fail to abide by any of the rules guiding the usage of the email tool, if your use of the Email Tools results in bounce rates, complaint rates or unsubscribe requests in excess of industry standards or if your emails are found to cause disruption to the site, redballer may, among other actions, limit, suspend your access to the Email Tools or ban your account out rightly.


  1. In other to gain full access to redballer community, the end user must own an account on the site. By creating an account on the site either directly or through a third party website, you agree that you are solely responsible for the use of your account and activities carried out with or through the account hence protecting your account details is of utmost importance as Redballer will not be held responsible for losses or misuse of your account,  In the event of any dispute between two or more parties as to ownership of an account on redballer, you agree that redballer shall be the sole arbiter of such dispute, such dispute shall be settled as redballer deems fit and redballer’s decision (which may include suspension or outright ban of any account subject to dispute) shall be final and binding on all parties involved.
  2. You agree to provide accurate and complete information and constantly update your information every time there is a change. If at any time Redballer discovers that you provided false, inaccurate or misleading information. Redballer may revoke or terminate your account, access to the site, benefits to which you are entitled and every other right with or without notifying you.
  3. By creating an account on redballer you agree that you are legally of age and capable in line with your jurisdiction or your country of residence to enter into contract online. For example in some countries you are not legally of age until you are 18. If you are not of legal age please do not provide false information you are violating our terms of use, discontinue and do not sign up.
  4. You agree that if you did not login on Redballer for 365 days we have rights to remove your account completely and every content associated with it and that such decision will be at our own discretion but we will always contact you and ensure that we inform you well in advance prior to taking such actions.
  5. You agree to immediately notify redballer of any unauthorized use of your password or account or any other breach of security.


By using redballer you agree to abide by the following.

  1. Redballer allows friendly interaction, communication and exchange of opinions between users however it’s of utmost importance that you understand that such information, views and opinions expressed by other users of the site do not in any way reflect those of Redballer, brandstudio media or our country representatives. You agree not to hold Redballer, brandstudio media or our country representatives responsible for opinions expressed freely on the discussion/comment board. We do not guarantee that all information exchanged on the board is accurate nor do we assure that objectionable and offensive opinions will not be expressed on the board and as a result you agree that redballer have right to moderate, alter or delete any comment posted by you in whole or in part that poses threat, vulgar, harmful, unlawful, defamatory, or that in any way contravenes these terms without explanations or consulting you prior to doing so, And that such decision will be solely at redballer’s discretion.
  2. You agree not to use the platform or the discussion board to express opinions that contravene or abuse the right of other users, relevant local, national and international laws.
  3. Contents and materials including but not limited to events creations on  redballer are created, listed, distributed, managed, marketed, promoted and monetized  by individual creators; each of this content may be protected as an intellectual property of either Redballer or its creator, By using the site you do agree that Redballer do not have control over information passed through all the contents and cannot guarantee that information provided by all content created or information disseminated through each content or account is accurate.
  4. You are responsible for all Content, in whatever form, made available on the site through your account as a result You agree not to use the site in uploading, posting, transmitting or sharing any Content that is unlawful, harmful, threatening, dubious, abusive, harassing, tortious, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, libelous, invasive of another’s privacy, hateful, or racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable or to transfer your account details to anyone or allow a third party to access the site on your behalf we do not have control over how your account is used to access the site hence you will be fully responsible for how your account is used to access the site however if you experience any unauthorized use of your account please report to us via email to support@redballer.com or use the contact form on the site.
  5. Redballer has features that allow integration with social networks like Facebook, twitter and other third-party sites. These features make it possible for you to make your profile available to the public, share your updates with friends, links and make recommendation to them. You however agree that Redballer will not be responsible for shared contents on third party site; the usage of the feature requires that you must respect other user (s) of the site in your interaction with them. You agree that we have right to disable, suspend, ban or revoke your account if your activity on such website is considered to be in violation of the right of other users, and that such decision will be solely at our own discretion.
  6. As part of the site you may be able to link an account you have with a third-party service, such as Facebook, twitter e.t.c. By linking such third-party account, you agree that redballer may access, make available to and store any Content that you have provided to and stored in such third-party account so that it is available on or through the site. Such content may include personally identifiable information.
  7. You agree never to attempt or circumvent any technological measure implemented by redballer to protect the Services or Content on the site, including without limitation, encryption technology used to protect sensitive personal information or attempt to breach the site’s security measures.
  8. You agree not to forge headers or attempt to manipulate identifiers in order to disguise the origin of any Content transmitted through the site.
  9. You agree to grant Redballer a non-exclusive worldwide royalty-free and non-revocable right to use, transmit, advertise, distribute, share, modify, display and adapt any information, video, images, audio etc. provided on the site either directly or indirectly in any and all media whole or in part without any duty to account to you.
  10. You agree to grant Redballer a non-revocable right to grant permissions to other users of the site to view such information for personal and non-commercial use.
  11. You agree that Redballer may advertise on any part of the site and on contents provided on the site either directly or indirectly in any and all media including but not limited to advert placement on tickets, event page, site’s walls and on any part of the site in any manner what so ever, whole or in part without any duty to account to you and that the choice and location of such advert (s) will be solely at redballer’s discretion.


  1. You agree that we can communicate with you electronically either via e-mail, posting of information on the site, advertorial or through any other means of communication on the site and on third party websites, on every issue including but not limited to technology advancement, site usage and developments on the site. You agree that information passed through this means including agreements reached by using the site, notifications and every other communication made electronically binds and satisfies any legal requirement.
  2. You agree that you are fully responsible for accessing this site, including but not limited to third party fees such as taxes, internet service provider fees and any kind of fee incurred or purchase of device or software required before accessing the site.
  3. You agree that you will not impersonate any person or persons, brands or entity either by signing up in the name of the person, brand or entity or by falsely stating or misrepresenting your affiliation with a person, brand or entity.



  1. Redballer is constantly evolving and we may from time to time add new features or remove existing ones to improve our services we do not guarantee that we will not suspend, modify or discontinue either in part or in full any service or feature on the site and we may not notify you personally prior to suspending, modifying or discontinuing any service or feature you agree that Redballer may do so without prior notice to you and that you will not hold Redballer or brandstudio media responsible for any modification, suspension of service or total discontinuity of service. In each case Redballer will ensure that all outstanding escrow payment relating to that service has been released and credited to the Beneficial’s account prior to modification, suspension or discontinuity of service.
  2. You agree that we will not be held responsible for events listed on redballer shipping arrangement, brand and event promises and everything related to all events listed on redballer for the sole reason that all listings, its arrangement and administrations are wholly made by the organizers and not by redballer, brandstudio media or our country representatives.
  • In a situation where an organizer of a listed event on the site defaults in any way either through service delivery or unprofessional conduct you agree that you will copy all correspondence with the organizer to us via email to support@redballer.com or report the organizer to us through the site, we do not screenshot or monitor the flow of conversations on the site neither do we have access to any other information except the ones made available to us and when necessary we are allowed to interfere in any situation that can dent our corporate image or that is against our terms of use, privacy policy or terms of service. You also agree that our decision on any issue shall be final and binding on all parties involved.
  1. We consider security issues seriously and will consistently strive hard to implement adequate logical, technical, organizational and physical security measures to ensure that data in our care is secured and save from unauthorized access but should there be a situation beyond our control whereby mischievous elements gains unauthorized access to our server using whatever unlawful means that may result in the use or theft of such personal information, site content either modified or altered stored therein or loss of it, you agree not to hold Redballer, brandstudio media or our country representatives liable for the unfortunate incident.



Redballer’s country and regional offices may offer certain additional offline and online services from time to time that goes beyond basic functionalities or services of the site for which our country or regional offices may charge certain fees as agreed by both parties (redballer’s country or regional office and you)  it’s important to note that each redballer’s country and regional office operates independently from the site and offer services that may be different from what is offered on the site. these additional services may include brand strategy development, marketing and promotional services, event support services, providing on-site entry management service, assisting in setting up your events, managing your events online or offline, providing dedicated account management services, professional consultant services for your event, social media consultants for your brand, online brand marketing and strategy developments and other additional services provided prior, during or post event service. All agreement reached between our country or regional offices and the Event Organizer shall be deemed as part of services rendered by the country or regional offices of redballer and fully without any waiver be subject to the site’s terms of service, terms of use and the site’s privacy policy. Such additional service may have additional terms of service or other written agreement or memorandum of understanding reached between our country or regional offices and the person or company to whom the service is rendered. The additional terms reached between both parties regarding the additional service including fees shall legally bind.



Information provided by users on the site (excluding payment details) are stored and protected by redballer and used in line with redballer’s privacy policy. The privacy policy is incorporated into our terms of service by reference. We will strongly recommend that you read through our privacy policy for a better understanding of how we use information on the site.


Information entered on the site by the user is shared between redballer and the respective event organizer only in situations where the user chooses to attend a listed event on the site, but not without the consent of the user as the functionality of the site requires that the user will be prompted to willingly enter such information on the seller’s page.

The shared information enables the event organizer to provide a personalized service to the user and for the user to contact the event organizer in cases of queries or on any issue relating to purchases. This information may also be used by redballer in line with our privacy policy, including advertisement, marketing or promotion of events or any other service that we believe will be of interest to the user including recommending events to attend, people, brands, association and organization to follow based on location and other interest. By registering on the site, you agree to our information usage model and equally agree that each event organizer is solely responsible for how they use information provided to them by you and will not hold redballer, brandstudio media or our country representative responsible for its usage.

Each organizer represents, warrants and agrees

(a) That it will at all-time comply with redballer’s privacy policy, and all applicable local, state, national and other laws guiding user’s information in its care.

(b) That it will constantly check for update on privacy policy and other governing laws that protect users’ information on the site and apply as recommended or requested by redballer and individual users.

(c) when a user request that the usage of information provided on the event page by the user be deleted by the event organizer, the event organizer agrees and warrants that the user’s information will be deleted with immediate effect or alternatively stop and discontinue usage of the user’s information, stop all interaction and communication with the user, the event organizer also authorizes redballer to delete or completely disconnect such user’s information from the event organizer’s dashboard and that such decision will be at redballer’s discretion.

Users please note that it may be impossible to completely wipe your information when requested from event organizer’s customer directory due to past transactions carried out between you and the event organizer, this directory makes up the sales statistics through which the event organizer reconciles its account and for such reason it may be impossible to completely delete any user information from the event organizer’s dashboard and secondly we do not have access to neither do we control event organizer’s database or inventory, every transactions made between the user and the event organizer automatically enters the event organizer’s database for which we do not have control over.

For this reason, we will like to be specific about what information means to us.

We define Information as data provided by the user stating details about self, made available on or through the site including without limitation, name, address, likes and dislikes, e-mail address, purchases, events interest, wish list, phone number, geo-location, friends, interest, followers, browsing history and everything relating to the user made available on or through the site identified or linked to the user. We do not have access to payment data and we do not include such as information available to us neither do event organizers have such information only your bank and payment processors have such information.


redballer operates through registered entities in countries where we have physical presence, these entities represents our corporate interest in country where they are empowered to do so and are fully responsible for ensuring that redballer operates in line with the country’s legal structures by adhering strictly to the country’s laws and rules of governing bodies in the country.

Information entered on the site from each country may be shared with these entities to be used in accordance with our privacy policies especially for providing personalized services and in accordance with the laws of the country where they operate from.

Some of these entities may differ in names and mode of operations but are trained staffs of redballer, fully integrated into our framework and fully regulated by redballer, by registering or signing in you agree to this.

For more info on redballer legal structure in your country please send a mail to support@redballer.com or use the contact form on the site.