Redballer is not responsible for all event creation, promotions or ticket sells, it’s only a social platform through which event organizers and their promoters create, promote, manage and sell tickets to their events so when you buy tickets on redballer you are buying directly from the organizers and you are bound by their terms and conditions including refund and exchange policies. The event organizers controls the inventory, determines the price of ticket, venue, capacity, number of tickets available for sell, seating arrangement, parking arrangement, transportation, event starting and ending time, food options, accommodation, content of event and every other thing that relates to the event.

We do not interfere with or determine how, why or where the event will be held, its organization and operations.

The business of organizing, planning and executing of events is solely that of the event organizer and its administrators and all arrangement is wholly at their discretion.


Each time you register for an event, you are providing information both to redballer and the event organizer but each time you enter a credit card details that information is securely sent to the payment service provider used in processing your payment and such data is not shared with redballer nor the event organizer, your credit card information is highly protected and secured from third party including redballer and event organizers.

However, other information you supply during checkout process is made available to redballer and the event organizer as a way of notifying redballer and the event organizer of your purchase.

Please do not enter credit card details or any bank information anywhere else except on credit card required field only. The credit card information is wholly and solely requested and accessed by the payment processor or bank.

Redballer will NEVER request for your credit card details via any other form neither are you required to send or email your bank details to any event organizer regardless of whatsoever reason stated. If an event organizer or any user on the site requests for your credit card information, please alert redballer with proof of such request by either reporting the event organizer through the report feature on the site, by sending email to or by using the contact form on the site and we will deal with the situation

Please see our privacy policy so as to know more on how information entered on redballer is used and processed.


All events on redballer are subject to event organizer’s terms and condition but in a situation whereby the event organizer defaults or the event for which tickets was sold did not hold as promised by the organizer or was cancelled, you have right to request for a refund regardless of what the event terms and condition states about refunds except in cases where a mutual agreement was reached between the event organizer and event attendees.

To ensure a quality delivery of service to all event attendees on redballer we have set certain guidelines for all event organizers that will ensure a wonderful experience at all time.

to protect you the buyer on redballer we have set a policy that ensures that all payment made on redballer goes directly to seller’s escrow account, the fund will only be available for collection/released to the event organizer three (3) days after the event’s end date or in some special cases a one-on-one agreement reached between redballer and the organizer that will ensure that the buyer is protected.

As a ticket buyer you have a three (3) day grace to report any event organizer who defaults in anyway especially in terms of use of this site, it’s privacy policy or the event terms and condition,


click on the event owner’s profile, click on report, select type of complain and post a copy of the complaint you sent to the event organizer inside the box provided, this way you notify us of development between you and the event organizer and stopped the release of escrow until issues are resolved, you can also contact us through email:  or by using the contact form on the site.

Please note that we do not meddle into issues between event organizers and attendees if you have complaints contact the event organizer directly and sort your issues out with the organizer by reporting the event organizer to us you merely notified us of development and stopped the release of escrow till issues are resolved however its important to note that if your complaints are not supported with facts, filled with lies or an attempt to destroy the reputation of an event organizer we may flag your account and such actions comes with serious consequences that we will apply at our discretion.

If you have questions or want to know something that is not stated on the event organizer’s page before making your purchase please contact anyone on the event organizer’s team which includes the host, the event PR, customercare, blogger, the promoters or any of the event leaders and other vendors on the team through different contact methods on the event page.

If an event organizer fails to respond to your inquiry, or you are unable to come to a mutually agreeable solution with the event organizer, or would like to update redballer with developments regarding issues you have with your event organizer, Please feel free to contact us either by email to  or by using the contact form on the site.


If for some reasons you decide not to attend a free event you registered to attend please cancel or contact the event host or leaders to inform them of your change of mind this way they can make your slot available again for people who may want to attend the event. It’s important to free up your slot if you will no longer be attending the event as most events have limited slots available, so others can take advantage of it.


Our corporate goal is to ensure always a friendly, fun community that respects each other’s right and to this end we have developed a culture that projects FUN, CONVINIENCE, TRUST, HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP and QUALITY DELIVERY as core for all interaction and transaction on redballer through which we hope to earn your trust, loyalty and confidence.


To ensure a quality experience for all users, we have developed strategic policies that will constantly make every experience worthwhile and every transaction on redballer safe and secured.

Every payment made online is 100% protected.

When you buy tickets to an event on redballer using available payment processors on the site to make payment we guarantee that your money is 100% protected and service delivery is 100% assured.

However we cannot protect you if you choose the pay-at-venue option we cannot extend our consumer protection to such platforms because it’s not within the confines where we can execute our full authority on the seller if anything goes wrong, as a result we cannot guarantee your protection.


When you pay for an event ticket on redballer with certain expectations especially as promised by the event organizer and for some reasons the event organizer failed in its bid to fulfill the promise made to you or for some reasons defaults in anyway especially in terms of use of this site, it’s privacy policy or the event page’s terms and condition, we will help you get back your money if you request for a refund.

Our job is to protect you by constantly ensuring that you are not taken advantage of in any way possible we will go the extra mile in protecting you and in ensuring that all promise made to get you to buy ticket to the event is fulfilled by the organisers.

It’s our duty and your duty as a member of redballer community to protect each other, keep the community safe and respect each other’s right.