The Ultimate Egg Chair Buyer's Guide

  • If you love comfort and fun, you need a hanging egg chair in your life. It’s just that simple. Many homeowners have found that these chairs have many benefits, and this may be why you are thinking of buying one. Understandably, many will find themselves seeking information on this particular topic because of the large variety of egg chairs available today. They come in many different sizes, materials, and styles, which can make choosing one very difficult. Luckily, (We) EZ Living Furniture have come to your rescue once again. We have devised the ultimate egg chair buying guide which will make finding the perfect egg chair for you as easy as can be, starting with how you can get your hands on one of these fabulous chairs.

    What Is An Egg Chair?

    An egg chair is perhaps the ultimate indulgence when it comes to a statement garden piece. These mid-century inspired chairs are a very deep type of chair. Their original shape is inspired by (you guessed it) an egg. They are fully rounded at the back and wrap tightly around the seating area which creates an encapsulating effect over the top of the chair. Offering support from all angles and an almost cocoon-like seating option for all kinds of spaces, it’s no surprise that these egg chairs have become a must-have piece for the home.

    Most egg chair designs will feature a sturdy metal stand. The egg-shaped seat is then usually attached to the stand by a strong chain and spring. This will give whoever sits on one of these hanging egg chairs a little bounce making them feel both comfy and supported.

    Did You Know An Egg Chair Is Not Just For Outdoors?

    Although an egg chair’s natural habitat is in the garden or on a patio, these unique chairs should not be pigeon-holed into the category of garden furniture. A hanging egg chair works well for both indoors and outdoors, in fact, a woven egg chair can add a laid-back bohemian feel to your interiors too.