• American business magnate Elon Musk is reportedly launching robot wives and is in the final stages of its development. as reported by The Street Journal, the 51-year-old tesla and twitter CEO is expected to launch the new technological innovation in September 2023 and will most likely launch in Africa by November 2023.

    The publication reports that the robot will use batteries to operate, which will last like a menstrual cycle (28-30 days). It will be made so that the battery will last for a month after only three days of charging. Wales Online reports the name of the Tesla bot to be Optimus. while some reports claims that the name will be Catnilla.

    the robots have sensory means, and can feel emotions like sadness and happiness with a balanced and interactive mindset. however if you wish to get physically intimate with the robot, you will be required to either draw a pattern, input a password, or use fingerprint to avoid stories that touch the heart lol. However, as of writing the details of the security measures and their implementation are not yet known.

    The publication also claimed the price of Elon Musk's advanced robot to be $3,144. while other reports tag the price between $32,000 and $79,000.