Redballer is a social event community that provides fun and convenience for users all over the world to create events, plan, promote, manage, source for event needs, sell/buy tickets or send/receive invitations to any event, share memorable videos and photo albums.  And also provide a convenient and viable platform for event vendors to market their services to event creators and attendees.

Now to the coolest part, you get to share your everyday moments with family, friends and followers from a normal everyday events to sharing beautiful moments from a once in a lifetime event, stay up-to-date with happenings around you and so much more.

Our goal at redballer is to ensure always a friendly fun community that respects each other’s right and to this end we operate a culture that projects FUN, CONVINIENCE, TRUST, HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP and QUALITY DELIVERY as core for all interaction on redballer.

We believe that in order to build a community that is anchored on FUN, CONVINENCE, TRUST, HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP and QUALITY DELIVERY such that guarantees the safety of all users some basic rules must be created and respected by all.

Some of these rules have been outlined below. We also implore you to read through redballer’s terms of service, privacy policy and terms of use.


  • Organizing an event? read this and this
  • Buying an event ticket? read this